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Rob Bernheimer is a public policy expert and attorney with a proven track
   record of providing game changing strategies to complex issues, particularly
   where law & politics converge in government, corporations, non-profits,
   clubs and homeowners associations.

Assisting Clients Where Law & Politics Converge

 With over 25 years of experience in representing clients in government,
   political and legal matters and nearly a decade as a Mayor and City
   Councilmember, Bernheimer has served as the strategic quarterback for Fortune
   500 companies, private individuals, public agencies, corporations, non-profits
   and global investment companies in legal, municipal and special district
   issues across California.

Career Highlights
 Founder and President Robert A. Bernheimer, a professional law corporation
 Former Mayor, Councilmember & Planning Commissioner City of Indian Wells
 Former Board Member Cultivation Technologies, Inc. (cannabis company in California)
 Former CEO/co-founder CV Strategies (strategic communications & public engagement firm)

Assisting Clients Where Law & Politics Converge

Government Relations
⤛⤜ Real Estate & Entitlements ⤛⤜ Land Use & Master Planning
General Counsel ⤛⤜ Political & Legal Strategy ⤛⤜ Solid Waste & Recycling
Renewable Energy ⤛⤜ CEQA & EIR Oversight ⤛⤜ Business Law & Litigation
Complex Government & Tribal Negotiations ⤛⤜ HOA & Club Matters
Zoning ⤛⤜ Development Agreements ⤛⤜ Conditional Use Permits
Entitlement & Zoning Due Diligence ⤛⤜ Municipal Ordinances
Cannabis Law ⤛⤜ Mediation & Arbitration

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